The Story

Emma Örtlund has a lifelong dream of becoming a fashion model and asks Pär Johansson, founder of the Glada Hudik Theatre, for help. It’s an unattainable dream for most people, even more so for people with disabilities.

Together with a group of models, who do not usually appear in the fashion world, they embark on an exciting and bewildering journey to fulfill this seemingly impossible mission.

The film is both about Emma’s story and a statement about equal value, disabled or not. And the characters, with their unique personalities and stories, deliver genuine joy and inspiration to the fashion world and beyond. Now it’s their time to shine!

CATWALK is a film involving us all. We are all equally valuable and important, but some of us are still treated differently. Some never get a chance to be seen and heard, labelled as incapable or limited and treated accordingly.

CATWALK is a warm, emotional feel-good film with both humor and gravity, turning stereotypes upside down and showing that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. 


95 min, for Cinemas and Television

6 x 30 min, TV series


Kitty is a deep thinker, with ever creative and original ideas. She is commited to what she believes in and to her peers. Kitty is an overcomer, who dare to throw hereself out into the unknown, despite being hypochondriacal and scared of a lot of things.


Alexander is down to earth and has a big heart. He wants to be cool and to be a rolemodel. Alex is an archetypical Gothenburger, with a quirky of humour. He's inclusive and compassionate and focus on keeping the group together.


Never afraid to express her emotions, Ida is a real quotemachine. Sayings like ”I’m so happy for me” and ”a broken heart is also a heart” are of her origin. It’s hard to miss Ida's incredible self confidence – ”Who knew I was so good at this too” is a phrase she often uses.


Niklas doesn't say much but he expresses his emotions through dance and art. He loves clothes and makeup; glitter and glamour is his thing! Niklas is affectionate and cuddly. You might say he is a teddybear.


Pär is the relentless optimist and the leader of the project. His drive is contageous and his support for the group never ending. Nothing seems impossible. Pär has for a long time been one of Sweden’s most significant spokespeople for equal rights for people with disabilities.


Emma is a verbal and outgoing girl. She loves fashion and nothing is more beautiful to her than the 80’s. Battiling anxiety and obsessive thoughts, from years of being bullied, the dream of becoming a model and prove all her bullies wrong is what drives her.

The Characters

The Coaches


Couture designer from Hudiksvall who creates unique and individual pieces for every client. Her designs are often identidied by flowy skirts and fabrics, structural elements and lots of colour.

The Coaches


Professional dancer and choreographer who, among other things, has danced on Broadway in New York. She has previously worked with the Glada Hudik-theatre on a procuction of The Wizard of Oz.


Versatile musician and composer. She has been a conductor for Tommy Körberg’s orchestra, written music for Svante Thuresson and organized Gävle Symphony Orchestra. Annika has worked with the Glada Hudik-theatre many years. 


Cast and Executive Producer

Pär founded the Glada Hudik-theatre about 20 years ago. He’s lecturing and actively working to meet and counteract prejudices around people with disabilities.

“– With the documentary CATWALK and the Glada Hudik cast we want to continue to spread the message that every single person has the right to their own lives, knowledge, feelings, dreams and visions.

We put labels on each other. We give each other flaws. We don’t trust people enough to try things. This film will prove that everybody can do it.”

Why the fashion industry?

The fashion industry often conveys an unrealistic ideal that many people have a hard time identifying with.  With their distinct personalities and captivating stories, the models in CATWALK show us that there are many more ways to express oneself.

The film creates unique encounters, where fear and prejudice turn into understanding and friendship. We believe our differences are elementary for the evolution of our society and personal encounters at the core of all integration. 

Through CATWALK’s inspiring depiction, we want the world to understand and respect these wonderful people, who should be presented the same opportunities as anyone else. That includes the right to appear in media.

About the Glada Hudik-Theatre

The Glada Hudik-Theatre is a communal theatre activity founded by Pär Johansson, where all actors have got down syndrome or other disabilities. The theatre has reached big success with performances like “Elvis”, the feature film ”The importance of tying your own shoes”, the commercial profile “ICA-Jerry” and most recently their modern interpretation of the ”The Wizard of Oz”. 

The Glada Hudik-theatre has cooperated with ICA (Sweden’s largest goricery store franchise) to build the project ”We can do more”, here ICA hired 1000 people with disabilities. In 2019 that number had increased to 1750 employees and the commercials with ICA-Jerry broke new ground in the work towards human equality.

About Storyfire

Storyfire was founded in 2015. Since then the company has produced its first feature film for cinema “Catwalk - From Glada Hudik to New York”, along with a six part series premiering on Viaplay in the fall 2020. Storyfire is also the name behind the documentary series “Long Live Democracy” (SVT 2018) by prominent journalist Jan Scherman, and the dramaseries “Limboland” (UR 2019) about families dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders.

We are passionate about storytelling, in particular stories that reflect and affect our society today. We work with a wide range of formats and genres, such as documentaries and drama. Together with the journalist, the scriptwriter, the eyewitness, the activist or the expert, we find stories with an impact. We have the tools and the knowledge to shape, finance and document a story to high quality film with global distribution. In the new media lanscape we reach the big audience. We format the stories to stand out on your phone as well as on the big theatre screens.


“– Pär Johansson’s promise to Emma, Kitty, Niklas, Ida and Alex about doing a fashion show in New York is a magnificent story with a deep message about everybody’s right to be seen. 

I wanted to tell the group’s fun and at times painful journey, from the industrial building in Hudiksvall to the New York fashion world; with cinematic cinematography, engaging music and a lot of humor, but without shying away from the darkness and drama contained within their personal stories. 

I wanted to portray their dreams of proving their bullies wrong while face their biggest fears, convey their longing to be seen and to finally be allowed to shine. The right to be themselves and breaking down prejudice runs like a theme throughout the entire story.

My vision is that the groups’ unique story will surprise the audience and make a lasting impression that changes the view of who we allow to be seen in our society.”



  • Catwalk has been Top 1 in cities as Västerås, Jönköping and Hudiksvall.
  • A successful premiere day led to Catwalk being the 3rd most popular film in Sweden.
  • During the first week in cinemas, Catwalk was Top 4, before Frozen 2.
  • More than a month after the premiere Catwalk was Top 2 in all of Sweden.


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